Valkyrie Charter Password Reset

In today’s day and age, we’ve all got a million passwords for just about everything and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. We get it!
If you can’t remember your password or credentials, no biggie, just use the form below to Reset Your Password.
Enter the email you provided to Captain Paul or your group organizer, and a password reset form will be sent to you promptly.
Maybe the Maid-of-Honor is swamped with planning and you don’t want to bother her with an added question…
You can always feel free to contact Captain Paul directly if you need your credentials sent again! Telephone/TXT: 646 599 3996

Enter your email.

Reminder, you will need to be able to access your charter dashboard in order to sign your waiver and all waivers MUST be completed before Charter Departure.
Instructions for pick up and other important details are all available from the main DashBoard Page.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or need further assistance.