​Captain Paul Norris Experienced Boat Operator

Captain Paul Sailing Indian Ocean 1986 Hello, Captain Paul, I'm originally from Australia. Mostly live East Coast USA aboard Valkyrie a Catana 582 sailing catamaran. Miami winter, Sag Harbor, Hampton's Spring/Summer, New York City Fall.

Boating Industry Expertise

Captain Paul Sailing NYC 1997

Sailing Boating Qualifications

  1. USCG 100 Ton Captains License
  2. USCG Sailing Endorsement
  3. TWICS security Clearance

Sailing Cruising Experience

1996–1999: Sailed around the world on my 44' Catamaran. About 35,000 Ocean Miles: Crossed equator in Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. 1986- crewed on Catamaran in Indian Ocean Favorite Islands: Bora Bora, Manhattan, Australia Completed about 12 East Coast USA passages - outside around Cape Hatteras. Although is technically coastal - can be quite challenging and requires good tactics. I mostly single hand, but occasionally take on crew for the adventure.

New York to Miami October 2020

Captain Paul Sailing to Miami from NYC October 2020