Valkyrie Sailing Charters Guest Login

Your Charter DashBoard will allow you to see all the up to date details about your group's charter, as well as e-sign your safety waiver before boarding. Please keep in mind that every guest must have their safety waiver signed BEFORE we set sail!
Please Login to your Charter DashBoard Account with the credentials Provided by Captain Paul or your Organizer.
Contact Captain Paul directly if you need the UserName/Password resent.
Either telephone at 646 599 3996
or Email( preferred) at

Forgot your password?

*All Waivers must be completed before Charter Date.
FOR ORGANIZERS: Please Forward this information to all Guests in Your group. This can be achieved from The charter dashboard once you log in.
You can add all guests to the Dashboard and then send the link to them all.
Once you log in with your credentials, all of your details can be accessed via the ‘Manage’ button at the type right hand corner of the page.
Here you’ll be able to select your charter, and access your group's charter details.
Details include:
  1. Details about your day! (Time, date, location, occasion information)
  2. All other guests names and contact information, as well as whether or not they have signed their safety waiver (we all have that one friend who forgets and needs reminding!).
  3. Total cost & invoicing information (ie when the deposit was sent & how much is due, as well as any remaining balance due to be paid before you set sail).
  4. Ability to easily email reminders to your entire group from the dashboard.
  5. Instructions for pickup & charter location